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Our Vision & goals

Our vision - EVALARM SECURITY the worldwide standard for security

Our goal - all security companies work with EVALARM SECURITY

We aim for all security companies to work with EVALARM Security - regardless of the size of the company. We would like to offer all security companies the opportunity to digitize and professionally design their processes and thus make an important contribution so that security companies can offer their customers their services at the highest level.

What are we doing for it?

The financial aspect is always important. In practice, security companies run the risk that financial expenses will not be rewarded by customers and that they will be left at the expense! For this reason, we offer EVALARM Security with the well-known functionalities of an online guard control system free of charge. With the Freemium solution "Security free", security companies are able to use the service for all customers at no cost.

EVALARM SECURITY - more than a guard control system!

EVALARM Security offers functionalities that go far beyond that of a guard control system.

With the web-based control center or the option of connecting technical systems, EVALARM Security offers cutting-edge technology that can be expanded as required. Only these extensions are chargeable.


This cutting-edge technology is also offered at an unbeatable price - and with a guarantee!

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